Monday, February 7, 2011

WIPs of Commissions and Owed Work

Jude transforming into his hellhound form. This is a WIP for my comic. No spoilers for you! ;)

Colored 2 character commission for Clementine, who was going through some tough times and a good friend of hers picked her spirits up. This was a gift for him. :)

Here's an updated sketch which shows the outfits filled in, all characters and weapons present, the vehicle detailed sketched in, and all poses solidified. This sketch is awaiting approval as well.
For Chibbums who kindly let us have her room money to fill in the gap after she couldn't make it to the convention, and let me give her artwork in exchange.
A sweet Christmas morning commission for 2 people on FA. This sketch has been approved by one but not the other yet.

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